söndag 26 mars 2017

Four Corners Debate !

Today are we going to practice speaking!
We will start with something called "Four corners".
In the classroom you can see posters with:
1. Strongly agree
2. Agree
3. Strongly disagree
4 Disagree

I will show you statements like,:

All students should wear uniforms in school. 
School must start two hours later, because students are very tired 
Separating boys and girls help them perform better in school 
Parents must limit how much time their children spend on tech devices - two hours per day is enough
Mobile phones should be banned during the whole school day 
Grades are not necessary - children study anyway

In front of you, you have a piece of paper. If you strongly agree, you write number 1 on your piece of paper, if you agree, but are not sure write number 2, strongly disagree number 3 and if you disagree but are not sure write number 4.

Then take look at the classroom - where can you find your number? When I tell you to move around- you go to the part of the classroom where your number is.

Stand still in front of the number. Now you are going to motivate why you chose the number you did.  Motivate your opinion.

I will lead the discussion and I will make sure that you speak one at a time.

To be able to discuss we need to learn words.

Take a look at the words below:

Good Luck!

lördag 18 mars 2017

Bedömningsuppgift Eng 8

Er bedömningsuppgift som ni ska göra på tisdag hittar ni i Google Classroom.
Ni behöver repetera två olika textyper beroende på vilken uppgift ni väljer:
1. Personligt återgivande text - Personligt återgivande text - hur skrivs den?
2. Argumenterande text
Läs mer här: Argumenterande text - hur skrivs den?

Här är ord som ni behöver använda: sambandsord 

Och nu när jag skrivit ända hit inser jag att jag skrivit på svenska.. orkar inte ändra..
Uppgiften är på engelska i Classroom!

torsdag 16 mars 2017

The Absolutely True Diary .. ch 20- end...

Work together in groups of 3 and discuss the questions below.
Record your discussions with i.e screencastify and send your discussions to me. Hand in the link to the films in Google Classroom. During the lesson, I will show you how to do it.

Start the discussion by saying your names so that I can recognize your voice. Make sure that everyone is able to talk and say his/her opinion.

1. Junior thinks that there is one single reason why many Indians are unhappy? What is it? Do you agree? Disagree? How has Junior's family been affected?

2. Who is the billionaire Ted and why does he make Junior angry and uncomfortable?

3. What do you think about Junior's family? Do they support and help Junior? Why? Why not?

4. Why, do you think, that so many Spokanes are angry with Junior? Would you have been angry too? Motivate your opinion.

5. Many people that Junior likes a lot die. How does Junior feel about that?

6. What do you think Junior's future will be like? Explain..

7. What do you like about this book? What do you dislike? If you could re-write the book - what would you like to change?


måndag 27 februari 2017

The Absolutely.. chapter 15-20

Make sure you have read chapter 15-20.
The Absolutely True Diary

1. How to write Letters to the Editor.
2. In pairs - read the guide below and take a look at the examples:
Letter to the Editor - guidelines
3. Since you have written the same text type with Maria I will skip the step where you write together in groups. Now, remember what you learnt during your Swedish lessons and write individually:

 - Imagine that you are Junior or Rowdy. You are very upset about your life on the rez. You write a Letter to the Editor, which will be published in the Toronto Star. You protest about the way you are being treated on the rez. Choose two things that you dislike and suggest improvement.
- Write in Times New Roman size 12. Maximum 500 words.

Why do you write this? Give a background.
Include arguments and counterarguments.
Summarise with a conclusion and give advice on how to
fix the problems you write about.

Send you text to me through Google Classroom.
/ Sara

tisdag 7 februari 2017

Eng 8B

Under torsdagen är jag på Åland o jobbar. Ni har vikarie. Gör följande:

Läs kapitel 11-15 The Absolutely True Diary...

Välj ut 15 ord ut varje kapitel som du inte kan.
Skapa ditt eget konto på Quizlet.com om du inte redan har det. Skriv in orden där i din egen ordlista.
Du skapar genom att klicka på Create och sedan välja vilket språk du skriver på.

Träna på orden!

Extra !
Träna på oregelbundna verb:


Arbeta enskilt på era chromebooks och gör Exercise 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16
Gör nummer 8: tänk på att du ska dra det ordet som passar in i meningen till den tomma luckan och sedan klicka Submit.

Läxa till tisdag nästa vecka är att ha läst ut kapitel 15. 

Eng 7CD

Idag är jag och jobbar på Åland och ni har vikarie.
Se filmen och gör uppgifterna som finns i Google Classroom. När ni har svarat på frågorna i Google formulär kan jag se era svar även om jag inte är på plats. Ange er e-mail adress så får ni direkt svar och feedback på hur det gick. Titta sedan på filmen ni får i feedback -mailet och prova göra uppgifterna igen. Skriv då ert namn men med en siffra tex Sara 2 - 2 för vilken gång ni provar att göra google forumläret.

När ni är klara med det fortsätter ni med:

Arbeta enskilt på era chromebooks och gör Exercise 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16
Gör nummer 8: tänk på att du ska dra det ordet som passar in i meningen till den tomma luckan och sedan klicka Submit.

Läxa till tisdag är att ha gjort färdigt övningarna 2,3,4,5,11,12,13,14 och 16.


söndag 5 februari 2017

Irregular verbs

Today we will continue working with irregular verbs.

Watch the video:

Answer the questions below.
When you are finished you will automatically get your score and feedback sent to your e-mail address.